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4 Paul Curlander quotes:

"The answer for this is we need to get our hardware sales moving in terms of units, particularly branded units."
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"Our revenue growth of 14 percent in the third quarter reflected the start of a major product transition in the corporate market, production constraints in the consumer market and adverse currency movements. Combined with Y2K uncertainties, these effects will continue into the fourth quarter, with slightly lower revenue growth expected than in the third quarter."
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"For the year, sales to Dell were $782 million and represented 15 percent of our revenue. This compares to Dell revenue of $570 million in 2004, which was about 11 percent of our total revenue."
Author: Curlander Quotes Category: Sales Quotes
"We really think the usage pattern over [product] life was different from what we assumed previously. Whether we always had that wrong or there's been a change is hard to say."
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