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11 Alan Skrainka quotes:

"This economy is facing a temporary setback. What it's going to take is time."
"Earnings have been fantastic. Any weakness in the market you've got to attribute to (the) rising interest-rate environment."
"We think they do have a great pipeline in the areas of cardiovascular, cancer and AIDS. These are the fastest growing areas in the pharmaceutical industry."
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"It looks like the threat of breaking up the company has been taken off the table and is beginning to fade."
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"I don't think we can read anything at all into it. It's a lack of conviction and a lot of fence-sitting."
"What you have going on in this market is a flight to quality, which is the blue chips, as tech stocks are priced to perfection."
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"You're seeing a return to traditional measures of value as investors become more focused on things like (price-to-earnings ratios), interest rates and earnings."
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"It's the same story. Technology is hot, and everything else is not."
"We think it's time for investors to be cautious about technology stocks."
"The next major event is Microsoft's response, but I don't think that's significant. It's significant but not to the technology sector as a whole."
"If you read the speech, he seems to imply that those hikes aren't enough."
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