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John Putnam Quotes

6 John Putnam quotes:

"Reductions in reimbursement can cause momentary disruption in the revenue and income generation for some companies. But by and large, they have learned to offset these pressures."
Author: Putnam Quotes Category: Income Quotes
"It's a victory for J&J, ... I think it's a recognition that Guidant's franchise has at least sustained some near-term damage. Whether they can correct that and when they can correct that is going to be a question going forward."
Author: Putnam Quotes Category: Victory Quotes
"They still need to look to do as large an acquisition, with as much growth, as possible. It's a huge company, and it's hard to get the top line to grow because the base is so big."
Author: Putnam Quotes Category: Growth Quotes
"For them to bid more than they originally bid would have signaled to other potential acquisitions that they didn't have the financial discipline they've always been known for."
Author: Putnam Quotes Category: Potential Quotes
"It might reflect that Guidant knows that it has some troubles, and it may see a safety net here. Maybe Boston Scientific has signaled to Guidant that the situation has too many problems, and it may be pulling back."
Author: Putnam Quotes Category: Safety Quotes
"I think that's an admission that they're trying to renegotiate the price or get some kind of concession for what is damaged property,"
Author: Putnam Quotes Category: Trying Quotes

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