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James Greenwood Quotes

9 James Greenwood quotes:

"We do the matchmaking. It's a dating service."
Author: Greenwood Quotes Category: Dating Quotes
"The role of honest broker, which is the duty of NHTSA, has been surrendered to two very threatened firms,"
Author: Greenwood Quotes Category: Duty Quotes
"The role of honest broker, which is the duty of NHTSA, has been surrendered to two very threatened firms."
Author: Greenwood Quotes Category: Duty Quotes
"The possible cloning of human beings is now not relegated to the world of fiction, and the question to the world is this -- what should we do with this science?"
Author: Greenwood Quotes Category: Fiction Quotes
"[It was explained [Friday] in The Wall Street Journal by Holman Jenkins, one of the best business columnists in America. Let me just read from this column.] Mr. Greenwood's subcommittee ... ... ... is pursuing Ms. Stewart solely because she's a celebrity, just like Mr. Greenwood wants to be. But having had his jollies and appeared on a dozen talking-head shows, the moment has come to notice that the evidence is circumstantial and it all points to no crime being committed by Ms. Stewart."
Author: Greenwood Quotes Category: America Quotes
"You can't legislate morality, ... Some very bright lines have to be draw to bring us into the 21 st century for the economy we have now. We can make some very bright lines in the law."
Author: Greenwood Quotes Category: Morality Quotes
"Ms. Watkins is not a whistleblower in the conventional sense. She was and is a loyal company employee who sought valiantly and, sadly, in vain to get the people in charge to face the facts and make the hard choices needed to save the company."
Author: Greenwood Quotes Category: Company Quotes
"Reluctant witnesses will not keep us from getting at the truth."
Author: Greenwood Quotes Category: Truth Quotes
"It is clear that scores of professionals and support staff were involved in the shredding of paper and deletion of computer files relating to the Enron audit. Yet to date, committee investigators have been unable to locate or learn about a single Andersen employee who raised any concerns or objections about destroying Enron-related documents even after the [Securities and Exchange Commission] inquiry became public,"
Author: Greenwood Quotes Category: Support Quotes

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