Richard Pryor Quotes

6 Richard Pryor quotes:

"You don't get to be old bein' no fool....."
"There's a thin line between to laugh with and to laugh at."
Author: Pryor Quotes Category: Laughter Quotes
"Marriage is really tough because you have to deal with feelings... and lawyers."
Author: Pryor Quotes Category: Feelings Quotes
"I went to Zimbabwe...I know how white people feel in America now, relaxed! Cause when I heard the police car I knew they weren't coming after me!"
Author: Pryor Quotes Category: America Quotes
"I believe in the institution of marriage, and I intend to keep trying till I get it right."
Author: Pryor Quotes Category: Marriage Quotes
"I never met anybody who said when they were a kid, I wanna grow up and be a critic."

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