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12 Ernie Els quotes:

"It is easy to blame it on the schedule and it seems like, especially in America, the journalists have been playing a lot on that,"
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"I still don't think that my doctors told me exactly how bad it was. They told my wife. They tried to keep it away from me and keep me very positive, but it was badly messed up."
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"I kept my concentration well and got over the bad spells. I was not as sharp as the second round but if I shoot something under 70 tomorrow it will be difficult to beat me."
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"You can't really look at the rest of the field. You have to play the golf course and play your score and try and put something decent on the scoreboard and hope that it is good enough."
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"Thanks for bringing that up, I never thought of it. When you play golf tournaments you never think about it. When you are playing you try and be ready with your total game and when that is well groomed and practiced you are ready for the tournament. That has always been my philosophy."
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"He just makes this place better every year. The golf course keeps improving, the quality of the way they present the golf course gets better all the time, and I think this year is no different. It's just great playing on a golf course like this. He runs a great show."
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"It was a nice round of golf and I needed this. (The knee is) not going to be 100 percent for another six months. I'm just thankful to be walking."
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"It's a great test. I think to have different winners like that shows you how good the golf course is."
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"This is one of my favorite golf courses. I felt comfortable and the greens were perfect.''"
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"He's there all the time. The rest of us, we're in and out the rest of the time. So yes, he's winning. But there is competition."
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"We've got the technology out there. It's how you use it."
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"Today was a tough day. I looked at my putting stats and I'm down in the bottom half of the field, so I guess that is where my problem is this week."
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