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19 Jack O'Connell quotes:

"I'm particularly concerned about African-American students and English language learners. The answer is not to ignore the achievement gap by giving diplomas to unprepared students."
"With data showing six years of improved student achievement, we know that California schools are headed in the right direction,"
"It is clear that California must do more to improve student achievement. The scores released today are not surprising and are another indication of the challenges we face."
"With data showing six years of improved student achievement, we know that California schools are headed in the right direction, ... We now need to maintain the focus on high standards to keep up the momentum for improved student achievement at all schools."
"We must seek extraordinary achievement levels for those students to close the achievement gap,"
"Revenues did go up, and according to our agreement with the governor public education should have been one of the beneficiaries."
"We accepted a higher proportion of English-learner students than any other state in the country, ... Our exclusion rate of English learners was 12%, while Texas' exclusion rate was 37.5% and New York's was 29%."
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"I hope this program to turn around the Oakland Unified School District will provide a model for innovation and commitment to our students and their families,"
"To me, this is blatant class warfare. It's a blatant class attack, especially in light of the continuing tax cuts, and you are going to pay for the taxes by reducing health care for the poor and elderly."
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"We have accountability, we have world-class content standards. Now we have to provide nourishment."
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"This is class warfare, in essence."
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"At a time when our nation should be investing in the future of our students as never before, this budget cuts education funding for the first time in a decade."
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"I hope 100 percent of students on the diploma track pass."
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"The growth targets by the federal government have doubled,"
"The [state's] growth model is a much more accurate indicator,"
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"I'd fight tooth and nail to protect our high academic standards and to ensure sound science is protected in our classrooms."
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"Our students can't afford to miss school. Our schools can't afford missing students. And our state can't afford to rest for one day until we close the gap in achievement that threatens the futures of many immigrant children."
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"Awarding a student a diploma without the necessary skills and knowledge does a great disservice to that student."
"It's important to keep one core principle front and center: awarding a student a diploma without the skills and knowledge to back it up does the student a disservice."

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