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69 Maria Sharapova quotes:

"It wasn't the Maria that you usually see fighting out there. I was just kind of down and said, `Hey, you've got to get back to work now.'"
"I hope everything will be all right, though when the tournament starts it may be different, but so far it's all right."
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"The funny thing was, he started clapping for me after that. I think he got scared. Then when I was waving to that side (after winning), he's like."
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"The first few games I was serving 69 miles per hour, ... It's pretty funny. I think it's even funnier from TV because they can't see the wind. These people probably think we look like beginners. That's the sad part."
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"There was a lot of rustiness, ... The first match (after a layoff) is always tough. You practice hard and work on a lot of things, but the actual competition is totally different. I was just trying to get in a groove, get my feet wet."
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"As a player, I want to know that line calls are as accurate as technology will allow. In that sense, today's announcement is great news for all players."
"I learned there's a big difference between juniors and the pros."
"You can be playing great tennis the past week, you come out and no matter how good you might have been playing, the level of tennis goes down the drain simply because of the wind."
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"Well, fans always root for the underdog."
"In the beginning of the match I wanted to dictate from the first point, I think it was very important. In the second set obviously it was very tough, but I was able to finish it off."
"I go there to play and would like to play against strong opponents. I always enjoy high-level competition,"
"We've had such tough matches and I've been able to pull through three in a row - it's a confidence boost."
"It's very unfortunate. She played unbelievable tennis, the best I've seen her play. She played basically out of her mind in the second set, and it was so close in the third set."
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"When I had the opportunity to win, I did. But I think I will play better. If I keep improving I definitely feel confident I can win it again."
"I think at some point I may be able to dominate, but honesty, I don't think I'm physically there yet and I don't want to go out there and say I am, when I'm really not."
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"The fact you are No. 1, it just puts a smile on your face,"
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"It would be great. Of course I was disappointed last year, but I know I'll get the support again this year, and I'm going to get my revenge."
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"I thought it was too easy in the beginning,"
"It's hard to get going when your body isn't there and your mind is on your pillow."
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"I’ve been playing against older and stronger competition my whole life. It has made me a better tennis player and able to play against this kind of level despite their strength and experience."

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