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10 Jeff Brown quotes:

"[IBM was proud of its achievement.] Pass-one hardware had to be fully functional, ... One week after CPU power-on, a demo game was running with full-chip functionality."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Achievement Quotes
"I tried ... to warn the board that we were facing a disaster and obviously I was not persuasive enough."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Disaster Quotes
"We felt like not only was (the compliance check failure) unintentional, but that we took many, many steps to prevent it."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Failure Quotes
"He was concerned with the fact that she a 16-year-old dating a 19-year-old,"
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Dating Quotes
"The way we started didn't surprise me. We had two mercy-rule games in two weeks. Not very competitive. So the first five minutes didn't surprise me. But I thought we got a little better as the game went on."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Games Quotes
"It hits home to everybody, especially when you know who it is. We?re at the point now, we?re just as frustrated as everyone else."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Home Quotes
"Gasoline looks lower than we had expected, it doesn't fit with the economic story and the car sales story. But it is unclear whether they are restricting what people can consume or whether drivers have had a strong price reaction."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Sales Quotes
"Technology will wipe away this issue in the next five years. The new consoles from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo will all have parental controls so that game systems are far beyond television and DVDs in the ability they give to parents to restrict content."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Technology Quotes
"This is greatest I've felt in my entire life, hands down."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Life Quotes
"I'm glad to see there's a little bit of progress in the city."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Progress Quotes

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