Margot Wallstrom Quotes

7 Margot Wallstrom quotes:

"I often hear people say that they have lost confidence in the European Union because they feel that it has taken on too many responsibilities and has become very complex and difficult to understand."
"If we want to have the support of European citizens we have to engage with them, but we also need leadership and that's something we're lacking,"
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"We have finalised the rescue operation. We have rescued the Kyoto protocol. It is a major achievement because we live with this for many years to come,"
"This web site is our invitation to you to discuss with us your ideas, hopes and worries for Europe's future."
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"It is very difficult to see how it can be brought to life, so it will remain on the backburner,"
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"We have not been efficient enough in communicating the EU. We have not invested enough in listening,"
"Negotiation seems like dancing the Tango, two steps forward, two steps back and suddenly three surprising steps forward,"

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