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Jim Crocker Quotes

6 Jim Crocker quotes:

"We've got a long way to go to get to the science orbit."
Author: Crocker Quotes Category: Science Quotes
"This is a monumental achievement for NASA JPL and the space community. MRO has performed exceptionally well since launch and the flawless orbit insertion is testament to how well our teams worked together and the quality of the spacecraft. Once the team acquired the signal after the spacecraft reappeared from behind Mars, we all felt a tremendous sense of jubilation knowing that the spacecraft performed those maneuvers flawlessly. NASA and JPL now have another healthy satellite in orbit around Mars."
"Value is in the eye of the beholder."
Author: Crocker Quotes Category: Value Quotes
"The capsule showed excellent performance."
"We are absolutely delighted by the successful recovery of the Stardust samples. Years of planning, preparation and teamwork paid off handsomely this morning. We're very proud to have played a role in another of NASA's exciting voyages of exploration and look forward to learning what Stardust will tell us about the origins of our solar system."
Author: Crocker Quotes Category: Planning Quotes
"NASA just doesn't have enough money, and they are being asked to make some vary hard choices. It's necessary to honor our international commitments [to the space station], but its basically coming out of the planetary exploration budget."
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