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"Our efforts were fantastic. We can play better, but the spirit, determination and passion were there... We're still alive."
"It's been a tough week, that's an understatement, but it has been a hard week but there is nothing you can do about it."
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"We lost a couple of sloppy goals, which we can improve on, but many aspects of our play were much better than the game at Inverness."
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"Kris is a young player with great potential and we have been monitoring his progress over the last couple of years."
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"We played well on a horrendous surface and my only criticism is that we didn't score as many as we should have done. He had it manipulated last week and it was painful, but I hope that talk of an operation is premature."
"We have been looking at other countries - Bulgaria and Hungary, for example - but we have to make sure that these players are able to come to a club like Rangers, where the expectations are so high, and hit the ground running. It is easier for players to go to places like Hearts, for example, where the expectations and pressures are not so great."
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"I am quite disappointed at scoring two goals away from home, playing as well as we did, and not winning,"
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"I was very pleased for Dado because he is still searching for peak fitness after his injury, and he enjoyed those two strikes. No matter what age a striker is, they always thrive on scoring goals and today's performance will do his confidence no harm."
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"It's a real test but I don't fear it. I was a little bit uneasy and a little bit in limbo because it was a case of you must win this one or that one."
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"I'm extremely proud of the players' performance."
"Barry broke his nose and he is having a bit of trouble breathing. We know that we need all our best players for this weekend because this is a really hard game and it's an important game. But we feel we can cover the loss of Ferguson."
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"We are fortunate to have two terrific goalkeepers and competition for a specialist position,"
"Over the last couple of years we have made contact with the top agents in the Czech Republic, for example,"
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"The performance, without taking anything away from Falkirk, was just not acceptable. I am surprised and very, very disappointed by the poor performance of the players. It's as disappointed as I have been since coming to Rangers but we take collective responsibility and it is up to me to gets things right."
"I asked the players for a performance tonight and I felt the players played well. We needed a wee bit of luck. Did we deserve a point? I thought the performance was terrific but whether we deserved a point is for others to decide."
"T here is pressure on everyone here to perform and there has to be collective responsibility. We have to get going and start playing the way we can with the experienced guys we have here."
"Fernando will now be brought back into the squad. We can rely on his experience. He has played in every round and is available to us."
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"We should have taken all three points, without a doubt. It's ridiculous that I am standing here talking about dropping two points."
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"I hope it doesn't spread any further or we have real problems."
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"I felt it was as good as a performance all round as I have seen. Once the second (goal) went in, we had some breathing space and I was pleased with the control display."

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