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"The record is a great achievement. Every game, he's always there. Now his goal has to be 1,000 points and 1,000 rebounds."
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"I'm not sure we had the greatest energy at the start of the game [against Ohio State]. We just weren't up to the task. We just have to regroup. We have to get some energy."
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"Dee has become better and better. He's just doing so much more — controlling our offense, spreading out the defense — and it's been very effective."
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"Once he starts the offense, he can't stop at the top. He's got to cut through the defense and come off screens. I can put plays in and the play is one or two cuts to get open. But he's got to make plays on his own later in the possession."
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"We're not as flamboyant as last year's team, not an offensive juggernaut. But we play defense and we rebound, and that's got us to 20 wins. I feel this group can be special, too."
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"I don't want to say never. We'll keep our eyes and ears open."
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"Purdue was coming off a bad loss and our kids just thought they were going to win at home."
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"I hope Wisconsin is still doubting a little bit. North Dakota State got them, then Michigan gets them. Who knows? Maybe they lost to Michigan and they'll be mean and hungry and it won't be a good time for us. We'll see."
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"You could tell right away. In the team meeting he didn't say a word and he's usually making fun of me, the class clown sitting at the back of the room."
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"Come on, we've beaten them four games in a row. We beat them twice this season, beat them last week in their building on Senior Night."
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"You don't want to coach against your friends. But once the ball goes up, Matt won't care if I'm on one end and he's on the other. It's just his team against our team. We'll laugh before and laugh after, but in between, we'll battle."
"My phone kept ringing (Wednesday) last night. I was on the road recruiting. In the end, Ohio State made the baskets they needed to make to get the win."
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"You saw it, you write it. I don't have to get in trouble. You know what happened."
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"Dee got more involved -- he made some shots. Sometimes teams are locking in on him and trying to shut down [his] scoring."
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"The valuations in the exchange space are getting high."
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"When we have made some progress, it's when Brian Randle and Rich McBride get involved."
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"I told them after today's game, we're making progress. Now, put it all together on the road against a good team. If you're going to compete and get a high (NCAA tournament) seed, you have to win some road games."
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"He will do well. Matt is a very good basketball coach, and he knows the inside and outside of basketball. He also is a good people person and has good energy."
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"If we get dropped or moved away, we have nobody to blame but ourselves."
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"Now with the two-game losing streak with us, we're a little bit fragile. Our confidence isn't there. We've got to get some energy going. [The players] have to do it from within. I have to do it. It's a fine line between dragging it out of them, but still not destroying them. It's definitely a test of a coach."
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