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45 Robin Cook quotes:

"It is a visible demonstration to our commitment to completing the job,"
Author: Cook Quotes Category: Commitment Quotes
"My other objective today was to secure fair elections, free of intimidation,"
Author: Cook Quotes Category: Elections Quotes
"We should do nothing that would weaken NATO. We firmly believe that a stronger European contribution to crisis management can actually strengthen NATO. There is no difference between us on that,"
Author: Cook Quotes Category: Crisis Quotes
"We want to stop the breaches in the cease-fire and we want to avoid the potential of future atrocities,"
Author: Cook Quotes Category: Fire Quotes
"to make sure that we do make it very difficult for the Yugoslav army to support the repression in Kosovo and that we increase the cost of Milosevic of doing that."
Author: Cook Quotes Category: Army And Navy Quotes
"He put to bed any idea that there are going to be divisions between Europe and the United States over security,"
Author: Cook Quotes Category: Bed Quotes
"This does not imply a crisis because they had always agreed they would go back at least once in mid-week,"
Author: Cook Quotes Category: Crisis Quotes
"very encouraged by what he tells me."
Author: Cook Quotes Category: Encouragement Quotes
"In his words, they lack the basic elements of life and are particularly short of food,"
Author: Cook Quotes Category: Food Quotes
"We are looking for a strong declaration that there must be a return to the rule of law and an end to the illegal occupation of the farms,"
Author: Cook Quotes Category: Law Quotes
"We hold President Milosevic responsible for the safety of these three men,"
Author: Cook Quotes Category: Men Quotes
"[Urging] close contact ... receiving the same message from both sides of the Atlantic and from the rest of the international community."
Author: Cook Quotes Category: Rest Quotes
"It is clear from weekend reports that the violence in Kosovo has continued. We do not accept that this is merely an internal matter."
Author: Cook Quotes Category: Violence Quotes
"I like looking at the cars,"
Author: Cook Quotes Category: Cars Quotes
"how to bring home to President Milosevic the need for an immediate end to repressive action."
Author: Cook Quotes Category: Action Quotes
"For years Libya has promised that it would accept a court without jury meeting in a third country. That way forward is now open to them,"
Author: Cook Quotes Category: Country Quotes
"The tests do nothing to enhance Pakistan's security environment. They further escalate tension and heighten concerns about an arms race in South Asia.... In carrying out these further tests, Pakistan has acted in flagrant disregard of international opinion.... The international community is united in its insistence that Pakistan should refrain from further tests."
Author: Cook Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"I have to say that I will not accept the criticism that has been emanating from Belgrade from the very people who organize the mass ethnic cleansing of Kosovo, who have caused thousands of civilian deaths in Kosovo, and who have displaced from their homes hundreds of thousands of people in Kosovo, ... How dare they produce crocodile tears for people killed in the conflict for which they themselves are responsible."
"We want the peace talks to resume on all tracks as soon as possible,"
Author: Cook Quotes Category: Peace Quotes
"Readers did not always agree with his [Cook's] views but admire him for standing up for his principles - which they find a rare quality among politicians."
Author: Cook Quotes Category: Principles Quotes

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