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"We played ever so well but Danny has been the best midfielder in the country by a mile since the season began; he should not be discounted by England."
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"I left some of the boys out completely to have a rest,"
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"If we get a result on Saturday and pick something up from our game in hand against Newcastle, it can still change our season."
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"Then we got the bonus of the goals, which gave us something to hold on to and in the second half we were not under that much pressure."
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"It's a big blow for us but a bigger blow for him. I just hope it isn't that serious."
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"We've allowed him to go out on loan because he needs to play some first-team football,"
"I'd love to have Luke back before the end of the season so he can force his way into that squad, but he's looking at three to four weeks out."
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"Darren made one and scored one but it is a learning curve. He has got to think about how to get into games when things are not going so well."
"Not only have we got the result but we've played ever so well, that was a great performance,"
"It was a great night for us and a great achievement. Who knows what will happen in the next round. It was a night for the fans, but I would swap it for a home win in the league."
"Danny didn't always do that well last season but he needed someone to believe in him. We kept faith and he's now really fit and determined."
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"Timing is everything, and we will have to wait and see what happens in the future. You look at it, but you have got to be offered it."
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"We're pleased with his progress. He's seeing a specialist and we're hopeful he won't be too far away. Talk that he'll be out for four or five weeks, for the rest of the season or even for the World Cup is very premature - we think he's got a good chance of coming back before the end of the season."
"We are quite pleased with his progress. He is seeing a specialist today and we are hopeful he is not going to be too far away. I think talk that he's going to be out for four or five weeks or even for the World Cup is really premature. We think he's got a really good chance of coming back before the end of the season, hopefully around about Bolton [on April 22] or semi-final day."
"I have been here 15 years and we have never had a decent run in this competition,"
"We've lost our way in recent weeks, the hard work wasn't there but we're getting back to that now. Hopefully we're on our way to turning it round."
"If you look at the amount of games we have drawn then it's about average, but they've just all come at the same time. The clean sheets have helped us back on track. Now that we've tightened up I want us to get back to being more fruitful in front of goal and start scoring some more."
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