Ross Baker Quotes

6 Ross Baker quotes:

"She's the original stealth candidate. It was a shrewd choice for Bush. If you can't ram somebody through who's got a higher profile, you do an end run around the opposition."
Author: Baker Quotes Category: Choice Quotes
"The ground rules of the congressional district configuration in the state are rigged in favor of incumbents of both parties."
Author: Baker Quotes Category: Rules Quotes
"It's window dressing for the benefit of social conservatives, ... The president may feel that whatever support he will lose among fiscal conservatives, he will win from conservatives proud of him for bootlegging vouchers in the relief plan."
Author: Baker Quotes Category: Support Quotes
"He really has got to use the State of the Union to bolster his support, to really try to cement the kind of emotional support that he has enjoyed in the past from people."
Author: Baker Quotes Category: Support Quotes
"He enjoys very strong support there. His problem is with swing voters."
Author: Baker Quotes Category: Support Quotes
"This is developing into an institutional struggle,"
Author: Baker Quotes Category: Struggle Quotes

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