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Madelyn Flannagan Quotes

8 Madelyn Flannagan quotes:

"With the ease of getting home equity loans in recent years, a lot of people have done a lot of remodeling. Their policy may not have kept up."
Author: Flannagan Quotes Category: Home Quotes
"Because they no longer live with their parents, they'll need to insure their car on their own. They may find that insurance is very expensive. College grads tend to want to go out and buy new, sophisticated cars. They don't realize the cost of insuring that car. There are huge increases to move to big cities."
Author: Flannagan Quotes Category: Parents Quotes
"Participation in the annual Best Practices Study has become a prestigious achievement for those that qualify for inclusion. It means the agency is among the best in the country. To be the top performer in one of the study's peer revenue groups means that agency is the 'best of the best.' It is an outstanding accomplishment."
"People tend to forget the value of stereo equipment, computer equipment, even your clothes."
Author: Flannagan Quotes Category: Clothes Quotes
"The logic behind it is if you're desperately in debt, you might burn the car to collect the insurance. That's the plain and simple of it."
Author: Flannagan Quotes Category: Debt Quotes
"If they're gainfully employed, most employers offer health insurance. Take advantage of everything that's offered, including flexible spending accounts."
Author: Flannagan Quotes Category: Health Quotes
"That's not going to pay a mortgage, send your child to college and help someone get their life back on track."
Author: Flannagan Quotes Category: College Quotes
"This type of insurance covers all sorts of events and perils. A kite-flying contest, for instance, can only take place if there is wind. If there's a storm, the party can't go on."
Author: Flannagan Quotes Category: Events Quotes

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