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Marshall Prentice Quotes

6 Marshall Prentice quotes:

"It's numbers like these that both bubble-theorists and market cheerleaders can pounce on to make their points. Reality is more mundane."
Author: Prentice Quotes Category: Reality Quotes
"People lose their jobs, have medical emergencies, get divorced, pass away or make bad money decisions at a certain rate. Because of the rise in home values, much of that financial distress has been covered by the increasing amount of equity that people have had in their homes."
Author: Prentice Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"Demand still seems to be there, but the sense of urgency seems to be a thing of the past. We don't expect the market to tumble, but we do expect price increases to level off between now and spring."
Author: Prentice Quotes Category: Past Quotes
"Right now we don't see anything ominous in the numbers, just a real estate cycle that is past the frenzy phase."
Author: Prentice Quotes Category: Past Quotes
"Sales are strong, but not at a peak, and price increases are slowing down, especially in the markets that took off first back in 1998 and 1999."
Author: Prentice Quotes Category: Sales Quotes
"In other words, homes that would have sold for $900,000 in 2004 sold for more than a million last year."
Author: Prentice Quotes Category: Words Quotes

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