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15 Ben Crenshaw quotes:

"Golf has lost a great champion,"
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"I had a few miracles happen out there today."
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"I felt that I had a few miracles out here happen. I have to chip and putt here. That's the only way I can get around, I'm hitting such long shots to the greens."
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"There's no other golf course like this, anywhere -- never has been. The greens and the challenges on and around the greens are just super, super tough, and you have to manage shots. There's nothing stylized about it all."
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"The game embarrasses you until you feel inadequate."
"he said. ''It's best when done on flatter surfaces, or when you have the appearance of a flat surface."
"I know most players do, but I always keep both eyes opened. I still do it. I see two shafts, the real one and the transparent one. I look for what's on the inside edge of the transparent one."
"This is happening all over the world. It's not just this golf course. Hopefully, if it stays dry, it will let a few more people in (contention). If it gets wet, though, there's only a few people where it's attainable."
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"There is nothing like it. You cannot imagine what it's like. It's a personal achievement and you feel like you've gotten through something very difficult."
"I enjoy playing here so much. It's meant so much to me. I've been fortunate to be a champion here. With Carl, my caddy who is just a great friend, a wonderful person. We're just enjoying being here, really."
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"Golf is the hardest game in the world. There is no way you can ever get it. Just when you think you do, the game jumps up and puts you in your place."
"I enjoy Augusta. I enjoy its challenges. There's no other golf course like this anywhere. Its greens and its challenges on and around the greens are just super, super tough. So the greens are fun to play in sort of a morbid way."
"[Among these players, fierce competitiveness is a given. But rather than being an obstacle to closeness, it can be the glue, as long as it's mixed with admiration, humor and good chemistry.] Everybody always wants to win, but it's never a problem among the people who make you feel like you did when you were all kids just playing a game, ... There can be no room for jealousy if there is true friendship."
"I can explain that shot. Arnold moved his wallet to the other pocket."
"I have felt terribly from the beginning when I saw the problems and recognized that they would be ongoing. We were hired to put back the contours of the greens as closely as possible to George Thomas's designs and were real proud of what we did. It's a sad situation now."

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