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12 Fernando Ferrer quotes:

"I think he's on a very good track to accomplishing some very impressive things in his next four years. Adolfo is a very bright guy, he's a good borough president and he'll have a solid record of accomplishment that will serve him well for anything he wants to do."
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"We need the community to channel and focus positive energy on the gulf that has widened because of the shooting, ... We need to improve the relationship between the police and the community."
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"The former Bronx borough president's proposal on computers for student use came as he detailed how he would spend the additional billions of dollars in financing that state courts have ordered for the city's school system, as a result of a lawsuit filed a decade ago by the Campaign for Fiscal Equity ."
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"He shares my conviction for standing up for the most vulnerable, ... which here in New York means building a city that works for everyone."
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"We owe it to people all over the city to debate in all five boroughs and on specific topics."
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"I'm proud to accept an invitation by the Hispanic Federation to debate later this month, and I call on Mike Bloomberg to accept their invitation as well,"
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"This city is becoming unaffordable for working and middle class people."
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"This other New York, defined by a shrinking middle class and the expanding poverty of those at the bottom, this other New York cannot live on the platitudes and promises of a mayor who thinks the best argument for re-election is to buy a lot of television and radio time,"
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"You've said to the press, we're taking our future in our own hands. This is our city and we're gonna make it work for everyone."
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"The road has been long, my friends, but this journey has been worth it. And we're almost there, because we're about to make history, and in eight weeks we're going to change history."
"How can you not feel for a mother? How can you not try to put yourself in that parent's shoes?"
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"It was a fight worth getting into. Though of course I ran to win, I knew I could lose, so I ran first and foremost to raise a voice for those without one."
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