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"It's an accomplishment and our guys should be proud of that. They've worked hard to get to this point, but trust me. It's not the ultimate goal."
"He provides a physical presence, hard work, energy. Everything you want your team to exemplify, Nic brings to the table."
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"I think it's tough when you're traded. You come into new surroundings. ? It's a whole new environment, surroundings, and every day provides a comfort level. I think it's really starting to show with Doug."
"We'll have to be much better on Thursday if we expect to beat Canada."
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"I see similarities in the fact that I guess nobody really is picking either team, so at the beginning of the year, there was not a lot of talk about Carolina. Just reading what's being written or what people are saying about the U.S. Team, you know, they have got us harnessed somewhere in 6th, 7th place, somewhere in that area. I don't think that that really matters."
"It's tough when you get traded. It's a whole new environment, surroundings, and every day provides a comfort level. You feel a little better, a little easier about what you're supposed to be doing here. I think it's really starting to show with (Weight)."
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"Anyone over here, from my experience with international competition, can win on any given night."
"The thing about international competition is, no matter who you play, there are no easy games. There won't be one easy game."
"Everyone's dealt with the same situation. What concerns me as a coach is one of the few teams that's not held back is the Latvian team. They're ready. They're time-adjusted."
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"We have no choice in it. It is what it is. It's frustrating because we've had a lot of good players that aren't available to us. I guess it says a lot about our team that we're still in the position we're in. Still, you'd rather have everybody healthy."
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"We were embarrassed. To win in this building, against this team, is good for confidence."
"We have a lot of confidence in all our goaltenders. There is no question about it."
"The year in the American Hockey League really helped his confidence and skating."
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"We seemed to be in control at 2-0. I honestly don't think they had five solid chances. That goal seemed to give them life and they ran with it."
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"We were in control of the game, and then we made a couple of really bad turnovers, bad decisions with the puck."
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"I think the character of this team showed through."
"That was a big effort. Under the circumstances, being down 2-0, I think the guys really responded in the last 40 minutes. For (Stall) to lead the way like that, that was impressive."
"Under the circumstances, being down 2-0, I think the guys really stepped up and played."
"It's tough when you leave one place and you're in limbo and not sure what the future holds. But I wouldn't paint the rock-bottom picture."
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"There's nothing to say you're going to win a hockey game just because you're better on paper. I think the Swiss proved that."
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