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"I know sometimes Tim and I are put in an adverse position if and when I have to discipline him, but I will also say when my son (Sam, who played for Southern Cal) made the Associated Press All-American team, the first call congratulating me as a dad was from Tim Marcum. So, I respect him as a competitor. I think he has done as much as anyone to bring this league to the point it is today."
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"I strongly encourage the parents to report any kind of activity they see. I would especially ask them to take a look at what your children are doing on the Internet."
Author: Baker Quotes Category: Parents Quotes
"They're just apprehensive about 'the new,' ... They're very intelligent animals. They're creatures of habit just like we are."
Author: Baker Quotes Category: Animals Quotes
"The Chinese should be very proud of what they are accomplishing,"
Author: Baker Quotes Category: Achievement Quotes
"Much more than America, much more than Europe, China really does look at the very, very long-term view,"
Author: Baker Quotes Category: America Quotes
"by lifting road blocks and increasing freedom of movement, and the terrorists have exploited these humanitarian measures."
Author: Baker Quotes Category: Freedom Quotes
"I can't think of anything else where somebody had a theory and a practice and an institute in their name and that there was a coup going on internally over it. This sounds nasty."
Author: Baker Quotes Category: Practice Quotes
"They're very, very cautious animals."
Author: Baker Quotes Category: Animals Quotes
"It's been a while since I've won a race, ... It's about time."
Author: Baker Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"Evangelicals, through their own scholarship as well as the support and encouragement of such bodies as Tyndale Fellowship, the John Wesley Fellowship and, to a lesser extent, the Institute for Biblical Research, have been able to secure positions in academic institutions beyond those traditionally regarded as evangelical. This includes folks teaching at major public and private universities."
"We have been left with no other choice."
Author: Baker Quotes Category: Choice Quotes
"This is a way that people from all backgrounds can now make important contributions to progress in science and medicine. Rosetta@home seeks to solve one of the longest standing problems in molecular biology, with important implications for human health and the treatment of disease."
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"The foot problems were really getting to be worrisome in the old enclosure. I'm confident we've seen the end of that."
Author: Baker Quotes Category: Problems Quotes

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