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15 Gordon Haff quotes:

"It's hard to see the Itanium Solutions Alliance accomplishing anything major that the billions already spent by HP, Intel, and the rest haven't. You don't see an x86 Solutions Alliance."
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"I see this as fine-tuning more than changing direction. Obviously, they're struggling financially, but in general this is a small number of people in the scope of things at Sun."
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"Basically, no one ever used hardware-based IA-32 execution, so better to use the silicon for something else. Of course, basically no one uses software-based emulation either, but at least that doesn't cost chip real estate."
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"Intel has inconsistently put energy into storage. It hasn't had a real comprehensive strategy in the past."
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"Intel let a competitor sneak into a market where they weren't before. Still, it was hard to believe that AMD would be able to maintain the kind of performance lead that they have enjoyed over the past one to two years."
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"It is a question of the devil you know."
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"In the sense of having this ongoing awareness of and feedback mechanism, it does mirror certain elements of open source development. If not openness of code and standards, there is greater visibility into what's going on. Customers have visibility more than an ability to necessarily influence Microsoft greatly."
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"Dell has had a very focused strategy: Don't spend a lot on research and development, leverage the work of others, and deliver cookie-cutter servers and desktops cheaply. That lined up well with the market when saving money was in. But IT managers have to consider more than price now in making buying decisions."
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"I don't think anybody knows exactly what the end result of open sourcing the chip technology is."
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"AMD has made some gains in mobile technology, but has been only marginally successful. There is a higher level of integration with notebooks than with desktop PCs, which gives Intel an edge since they are focused on a complete mobile platform."
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"This is about reducing administrative costs more than about security."
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"Certainly Power Everywhere, to some level, includes OEMing systems, though for the most part it's more focused on the use of the Power architecture by various partners in client devices, game consoles, whatever, than it is in computer systems, ... Power Everywhere and OpenPower are really about using collaborators ? to get Power into new types of devices."
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"This is a bigger story for Apple than for Intel. Apple liked Intel's roadmap better than that of Power PC, and the idea is that they will now sell a higher percentage of notebook computers."
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"Dell has had a really good run selling essentially cookie-cutter rack-mount servers. But the era of solving problems by just buying more boxes is coming to a close."
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"They are all comparable in performance for high-end, non-X86 architectures."
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