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Mike Slive Quotes

7 Mike Slive quotes:

"I can't think that far ahead. Just having two of our teams at the Final Four is quite an accomplishment in itself."
Author: Slive Quotes Category: Achievement Quotes
"One of the great things about the Southeastern Conference is our fans and our support -- the importance of college football. On occasion that exuberance goes over the top. What we'd ultimately like to do is channel it on the field."
Author: Slive Quotes Category: College Quotes
"I was very impressed with the culture of the committee. You leave your hat at the door, so to speak, and do the best that you can with the material that's in front of you. There's a lot of information and the data is used in a way that's very efficient in terms of comparing teams. Then you have subjective impressions and the final analysis."
Author: Slive Quotes Category: Culture Quotes
"For those who feel you have to go deep into the tournament to validate [your success], this does that. But we've been doing this for a long time."
Author: Slive Quotes Category: Sports Quotes
"The conference didn't have to take any action of any kind,"
Author: Slive Quotes Category: Action Quotes
"We'll evaluate everybody. But in terms of the work ethic and the commitment of our officials, I think it's very strong."
Author: Slive Quotes Category: Commitment Quotes
"To make it a BCS issue devalues the conversation. It is not a BCS subject but an issue for the Division I commissioners to address. It has clearly moved from the back burner to the front."
Author: Slive Quotes Category: Conversation Quotes

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