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Avery Johnson Quotes

20 Avery Johnson quotes:

"The road wasn't too friendly to us the last time. I'm already getting a bad memory. Hopefully, we'll have a better response on the road overall than the last game and give ourselves a chance to win by playing our system. But we've gone back to some basics that seem to have helped us."
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Memory Quotes
"He's made some improvement, but we don't know how bad it is yet. We just know he's out (Sunday)."
"Very few teams go there. I think that's a great accomplishment. In our league, and in the Western Conference particularly, 50 wins means a lot."
"I've erred on the side of caution in certain situations, like Jerry, who had an inflated knee. Marquis [Daniels'] neck situation, we're cautious about that for a reason. This particular ankle injury Keith has is not nearly as bad as some of the others."
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Caution Quotes
"In 1992, when I was out of the league waiting for a job, my dad passed away and my wife was pregnant. People will tell you, 'Oh, I never doubted for a moment.' Well, I beg to differ. I'm a man of faith, but there's a human side of you that wants to doubt."
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"What we have here is a failure to communicate."
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"I think the Mavericks -- our team -- we've kind of forgotten who we are as basketball team and what made us successful. It wasn't shots on the offense. It wasn't holding the ball. We've kind of looked like some of our old teams with one guy pounding the ball instead of ball movement and player movement. We haven't been physical. Is that because we've been fatigued? I don't know. I know we've been a step slow. I can see that -- mentally and physically. We just need to get back to being who we are, and I think that will give us a better chance to win some of these games."
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Basketball Quotes
"They made a run. They're a very good basketball team. The second half, they got it within two, and we just suggested 'stay tough-minded.' And we were able to get somewhat of a cushion."
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Basketball Quotes Second Half Quotes
"I don't think words could describe what that could do for the city. The city has been ravaged. They need some good news. Tourism is a big part of their whole economic structure. Hopefully they can get it pushed through really soon so people can start making plans for it."
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Words Quotes
"We'll just take this victory any way we can get it. There's still another level for the Mavericks to go to. We're just not there yet."
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Victory Quotes
"Hopefully the next game. I'm hoping that if this were a playoff game, he'd be playing."
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Game Quotes
"Dirk is playing tough. We had a stretch there where we kind of reverted back to our old selves and got jump-shot happy for six or seven possessions and I really got on them about that. But I will take this win any way we can get it."
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Kindness Quotes
"I thought this was a gutsy performance by our team. Cleveland really jumped out on us and put us in a big hole and our team responded in the second half. Our third quarter defense was pretty special."
"These two teams have a lot of pride. Memphis doesn't back down from anybody, and it has not played its best game yet."
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"Tonight we needed a good start and that set the tempo for the rest of the game."
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"Everybody's not going to play in the exhibition games, so we needed to get some work in. I don't look at training camp being the first week of October. It's the whole month of October."
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"This is the nuts and bolts of the NBA season. Your body doesn't feel as good, you fight a little fatigue, you have some injuries, and nobody cares about injuries."
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"Stack was solid, man. Stack was energized. He was ready to play. He was right in his comfort zone tonight. That's what we need from him on both ends. Obviously, he scored a little bit, but nobody will talk about how he battled those guys on defense."
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Comfort Quotes
"It's been a pretty fierce competition at center. If today was the first regular-season game, he would be my first center off the bench."
"It was by far the most active I've seen him, ... When he has that emotion, it drives up our whole defense. I tell him every day how much he means to this team."
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