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"Age is just a number. When you got kids that believe and they believe in each other and they got that kind of confidence, you can accomplish anything as a team."
"Age is just a number. When you have kids who have confidence and believe in each other, you can accomplish anything."
"That's a tremendous accomplishment for Crystal and this team, and those kinds of awards don't happen without teammates getting you the ball."
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"Who would have ever thought in my wildest dreams I would have gotten two rings this year? One getting married and the other a national championship."
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"I'm living out a dream. The thing that's so special is just looking into the eyes of each and every person, player, staff member, fan. Just how much joy is out there because they understand how much hard work went into this game."
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"We wanted to come out and bring some energy on the defensive end by coming out in the press. We were able to get some turnovers early. We also had the size advantage inside."
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"That play jump-started us. It got us our emotion and our energy. Our defensive intensity really picked up after that."
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"The thing I enjoy the most is taking in everybody else's emotions right now. It's pretty surreal. Looking into the eyes of every player, staff member, fan and how much joy is out there because they understand how much hard work was required."
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"I think that really got us jump-started to get some emotion and get some energy. I think after that play, our defensive intensity really stepped up."
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"It's definitely a new environment. You've got to get used to the background and I think a lot of time there is an advantage with the team who played the night before. It's just great to be able to get that first game under our belt. It's nice to get those jitters out."
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"There is no pressure. We're going out there to play basketball and play hard for 40 minutes. The great thing with this team and these players is that they are so hungry, so focused and motivated. They really want to keep going. It's a lot of fun to coach a team like this."
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"They loved reading all the books they got to read this summer with Coach G."
"We really challenged them in terms of our communication and our focus. We reduced our turnovers in this game, but I think we still need to be a little bit more efficient in what we're doing."
"I'm excited we're heading up to Penn State and I really like our bracket. State College is close for our fans, so it will be great to have so much support in the first couple rounds of the tournament."
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"She's just going to bring so much leadership. She said 'yes' back when Maryland was not a popular choice. She took a huge leap of faith. For her to be able to believe in herself and believe in this program just shows you what an outstanding young lady she is to be able to have that kind of confidence."
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"Everyone's playing their best and playing with confidence. We're really looking forward to what's next. We're not satisfied where we're at. We hope to be playing in three games back-to-back-to-back."
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"I like where we're at. We're playing with a ton of confidence and just moving the ball, being so unselfish. And as long as we can continue to do that on the offensive end and defend them on the defensive end, great things are going to continue to happen for this team."
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"We need to win. We can control what we can control. That's what we've done up to this point, going 26-3 in the No. 1 conference in the country."
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"We saw them getting into the paint more. Our defense was really breaking down."
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"We're really playing some of our best basketball, our most confident basketball right now. But we've got to compete this week. That's all we can control."
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