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"We have an aggressive productivity program, but it has not offset the impact of escalating costs in energy and raw materials and the speed at which they are flowing through."
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"achieve future sustained savings and profitable growth."
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"This recognition supports our reputation as a company that has strong values at its core. Our values guide us in how we treat our employees, stakeholders, customers and community. It is critical to the long-term success of Alcoa."
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"A reduced upstream pricing environment and higher energy costs affected out results this quarter."
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"Despite increasing softness in the construction, transportation, building, and distribution markets, as well as significantly higher energy prices, Alcoa achieved record performance as a result of rapid integration of new acquisitions and execution of its cost-cutting initiative,"
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"While we are not pleased with the short term impact the labor issues have had on our bottom line, our actions are aimed at enhanced global competitiveness of our North American operations,"
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"I will not mortgage the future of the company."
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"Despite significantly higher energy prices which offset more favorable metal prices, we achieved solid cost savings results from the restructuring undertaken over the last two years...,"
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"With the competitive and efficient energy source, the access to skilled labor, and efficient proximity to alumina supplies and customers, the Trinidad smelter will be ideally placed to compete for its share of the world market in primary aluminum. It also creates a solid foundation for the development of an integrated aluminum industry to further diversify and strengthen the economy of Trinidad and Tobago. In terms of technology, design, and environmental performance, this will be a world-class facility."
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"We are focused on managing what is under our control,"
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"As we move forward to the fourth quarter, Alcoa expects to benefit from the current strength in aluminum prices, the continued integration of our recent acquisitions, the cost-reduction program and the seasonal strength of our packaging and consumer business,"
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