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17 Ken Johnson quotes:

"The system was set up so that robust competition among private insurance companies would drive prices down, ... More competition equals lower prices. It is simple economics."
"There's no doubt that the competition steps up next week,"
"No one at any time approached him during the Medicare debate."
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"Perhaps Nancy Pelosi will now realize that Billy's decision to retire from Congress had more to do with getting well physically than getting well financially."
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Congress Quotes
"If a doctor breaks securities laws or his or her confidentiality agreement with a pharmaceutical research company to gain financially, they should be severely punished."
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"There is a tremendous amount of information that we're pouring through, everything from tire tests to rollover data going back 10 years,"
"We have developed new information that is aiding the investigation and that is painting a clearer picture of what happened."
"She's kind of one of those players that doesn't come around too often. She's got all the physical tools, the work ethic, and the dedication. And she's just a great kid."
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"The committee is going to get the truth out and won't let Stewart's tactics stop them."
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Truth Quotes
"At a certain point, it became clear that funding local health projects became a priority,"
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"That is simply not true. America's pharmaceutical research companies are firmly committed to HIV/AIDS vaccine research and development with 15 potential vaccines in development today."
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"We have three different stories and frankly we don't know who is telling the truth. The sooner we talk to Ms. Stewart the sooner we can clear this mess up."
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Truth Quotes
"This action only confirms our suspicions that we are on the right track and getting very close to the truth, ... but we continue to pursue leads relating to public statements she has made."
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Action Quotes
"Right now he faces the choice of either turning over the records or running the risk of facing contempt of Congress charges."
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Choice Quotes
"His doctors have assured him he'll live a long, healthy and productive life."
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Doctors Quotes
"We're concerned about not only how Sam ran the company, but also how Harlan ran the company."
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Company Quotes
"You don't see lobbyists in the office any more than you see people from back home. Lobbyists have influence on the Hill, but not as much as you might think."
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