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19 Felipe Alou quotes:

"There was a lot of intensity. I didn't think a guy of that age or stature could do that. The guy's a pro."
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"I didn't think a guy of that age and stature [would do as well], but Finley is a pro."
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"They used to say when I was a kid, 'Well, he's a Babe Ruth.' Any kid my age who hit a home run they would say 'Wow, he's a Babe Ruth' - in the Dominican. I didn't hear people say 'He's a Hank Aaron.' There's something mystic about the Babe, the name. ... Santa Claus."
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"What I did wasn't just for Latin players. I did this because I want to live in an America where no one regardless of their skin color has to hear that stuff anymore. For too long, I had to listen to that stuff, and it wasn't right and it isn't right now."
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"We were right. But it turned out to be a disaster."
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"He's still in the hands of the trainers and doctors. When we're given the green light, we'll stick him in there."
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"He made tons of big pitches. It is hard to believe that a guy making his first start would be so sharp. You do not find a guy throwing eight innings on his first start."
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"That's the way it is. I don't believe one particular outing is going to make a difference. He's the kind of guy who doesn't really care who's on the other side."
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"[The devil made him do it: There's little question San Francisco radio talk-show host Larry Krueger deserved to be fired for calling some Giants] brain-dead Caribbean hitters hacking away at slop. ... a messenger of Satan, and I believe there is no forgiveness for Satan."
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"I saw balls that were hit where he had to run and stop. I didn't see much favoring in the knee. He's so much better than he was in spring training. That was a real workout."
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"Barry played in the outfield during practice today and looked pretty good. Barry is having fun again. He didn't have any fun last year because he was hurt."
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"It was really obvious what went on to the players and managers. I hope what is being done will stop what was going on and also stop any possibility of further problems. I certainly hope this will be the end of it."
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"He didn't have one great pitch, but he got hitters out with intelligence and command."
"That's always been the thing about him. He'd go along fine, and then he'd get into trouble and give up three or four runs and not get out of it."
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"The talent there [with Montreal] was prospects. When we brought a prospect to camp, he very much had a job, ... Over here, prospects have to break through a lot to make it."
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"He had a great batting practice today. He hit a bunch of balls into the water."
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"Mo's really not getting many pitches to hit. He doesn't have the patience of Barry Bonds ."
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"He gave me the best at-bat that I have seen this year, ... I'm not just talking about our team. I'm talking about any team. Right out of hospital."
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"It is good to do that, but sooner or later Barry is going to play in the field. Because on opening day, what will we do? ... It's not like it's going to be every game he's DH. For us as a team, it can't be that way."

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