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22 Bill Gross quotes:

"There's nothing really wrong with [some of the things GE has done], ... It's to the advantage of a company to borrow cheaply and sell stock at a high P/E ratio. That's what companies can do to assist in growing earnings."
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"Too much debt, geopolitical risk and several bubbles have created a very unstable environment which can turn any minute, ... More than any point in the past 20 or 30 years, there's potential for a reversal."
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"The Fed knows that the economy is in terrible shape and that they must bring down short-term rates to the level of inflation. If inflation keeps coming down, the Fed, to a certain extent, has to chase inflation."
"I think ... that the economy is declining,"
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"The current, rather mild U.S. recovery has been driven by asset appreciation/consumption and not employment or capex [capital expenditure] growth. Future growth is dependent on additional asset appreciation in real estate and stocks if Asia continues to absorb much of our investment and many of our jobs."
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"Central banks don't rest at one rate for long. If only to impart a bid to the U.S. housing market, they (the Federal Reserve) may have to start cutting again as early as the end of the year."
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"I firmly believe this is going to catch on."
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"What it suggests this time is a 2 percent economy in 2006, as opposed to a recession."
"By the time 10-year and 2-year Treasuries reach parity, as is almost the case now, the economy is typically slowing and the Fed is at or near the end of its tightening cycle, ... We are due for what appears to be a 2 percent or less Gross Domestic Product growth rate in 2006, a rate sure to stop the Fed and to induce eventual ease at some point later in the year."
"Companies have been diluting your equity via stock options claiming that management needs incentives of millions of dollars just to get up in the morning and come in to work, ... Then they pick you off by trading on insider information, selling shares before the bad news hits and you have a chance to get out."
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"If we had to forecast (and we do), we believe a range of 3 to 4½ percent for 10-year nominal Treasuries will prevail during most of our secular timeframe,"
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"With all this consumer debt, business debt, government debt, smaller movements in interest rates have a magnified effect... a small movement can tip the boat."
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"thoughtful, secular approach to the chairmanship, focused on the long-term evolution of the U.S. and the global economy."
"If the economy slows down, if housing moves back down, then at some point late in 2006 the Fed starts to lower rates. That's why a 10-year note yield at 4.55 percent is a decent value as opposed to overvalued."
"Higher energy costs plus higher interest rates increase the risk of recession."
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"The days of eating salad may be over, but 5 [percent return] is ample sustenance in a low inflationary environment."
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"Stocks historically return more than almost all other alternative investments but only when priced right when the race begins, ... If you start from day one with P/Es too high or, importantly, dividends too low, you will not obtain equity returns in excess of bonds."
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"As long as the stock market does what it does, and keeps going up, the wealth effect is going to transmit into a fairly strong U.S. economy and preclude the Fed from easing rates,"
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"If we had to forecast (and we do), we believe a range of 3 to 4½ percent for 10-year nominal Treasuries will prevail during most of our secular timeframe."
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"It is telling us that we have a slower economy ahead."

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