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James McGlynn Quotes

4 James McGlynn quotes:

"Whatever's hot drains money from whatever hasn't been. All the data I see says large caps should do better."
Author: McGlynn Quotes Category: Money Quotes
"All I hear about is the AOL service -- give me a break. That's 20 percent of the company's revenue and it's 100 percent of the story."
Author: McGlynn Quotes Category: Service Quotes
"Maybe handset sales in China are okay but that's not enough for the U.S. tech market to rally on. Companies here are still cutting capital expenditures."
Author: McGlynn Quotes Category: Sales Quotes
"Trying to sell your funds on someone else's platform is hard. The funds better have four-star or five-star ratings, or else it's hard to stand out from the crowd."
Author: McGlynn Quotes Category: Trying Quotes

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