Jeffrey Kagan Quotes

4 Jeffrey Kagan quotes:

"SBC is facing pressure from at least two areas -- competition and the economy. Contrary to what many people might think, competitors are making a real dent in SBC's business."
Author: Kagan Quotes Category: Competition Quotes
"Customers who make a move to a big telephone company or a big cable operator will do so because they're offering multiple services at a discount, or you can buy a la carte from multiple service providers if one-stop-shopping can't compete on price. Unlike Ma Bell a quarter-century ago, consumers have a lot more choices today and they're growing."
Author: Kagan Quotes Category: Company Quotes
"It is probably prudent to wait and delay. At some point this year the market will turn around."
Author: Kagan Quotes Category: Delay Quotes
"As long as customers get the service, they don't care how it works. It's like a Ford or a Chevy, what's important is that it gets you there."
Author: Kagan Quotes Category: Service Quotes

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