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8 Arnie Berman quotes:

"On the surface, you'll see that the financial momentum delivered by the earnings tonight was more positive than not, and stocks should probably get a little boost off this."
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"The latter stage of an economic recovery, where head count is rising and productivity is starting to fall, is the best for technology spending, and that's where we will be in 2006. Business leaders start thinking more about technology and less about questions like capacity expansion or how long the recovery will last."
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"There's no unilateral belief about tech stocks. People are confused and somewhat justifiably."
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"When stock prices are rising, companies have conviction about stability in the near-term and are more willing to take on the risk of acquiring something,"
"Companies in the technology sector are clearly overcapitalized and they are going to be increasingly forced by investors to make decisions about their cash,"
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"Techs are being impacted by the same concerns that the rest of the market is,"
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"This marriage of Hewlett and Compaq that's finally been allowed to be consummated reminds me a lot of what would happen if there were a union between Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles."
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"Technology stocks that were once valued on a price-to-possibilities basis are now valued as if history no longer matters,"

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