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12 Ron Nelson quotes:

"They've got a good running game, a good play-action passing game, so it's going to be a tremendous challenge."
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"You've got to have good coaches around you in football and baseball to be able to do both. I've been lucky from that standpoint."
"We want to break that trend and get it back to the way it's supposed to be, the home team winning."
"I might have seen Opelika with a better offense and a better defense in previous years. But I've never seen them with a combination of the two. They're doing great in all facets of the game."
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"The share price appreciation of each of these companies has significantly outperformed its respective industry groups, the S&P 500 and Cendant, giving greater credence to our view that the aggregate valuations of the four proposed new companies will exceed that of Cendant today,"
"Because the losses hurt more."
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"I think they're still the same Shaw they've been in the past. And I suspect they've had some good practices over there this week as well as we've had over here."
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"Josh was a little off tonight. He was probably trying a little too hard because he knows a lot of those guys. But Matt did exactly what he's capable of doing. He came in and gave us a good four innings."
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"We're trying to get the highest seed we possibly can."
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"We had a plan going in that we were going to play certain kids and do certain things and so forth. Anytime you line up and play, of course you want to win, but the main thing was to play certain kids and play for some situations."
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"He's not going to stay on the pace he's at now. That's just not feasible, but I think his work habits are good enough that he won't go into that (slump) like a lot of hitters do."
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"It's a long season. We just need to respond and get back to work."
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