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"You've lost your earnings catalyst so we're moving away from the second quarter. With the economy moderating you're looking at earnings estimates that are too high and have to come down."
"The big fundamental for financial markets is the economy and earnings beyond interest rates."
"The question today is more opportunistic. The question is exactly where can I be a buyer of America Online ( AOL ) or some of these other stocks that have been weakened?"
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"This is the nature of bear markets. There are usually two steps forward, one step back."
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"I think you are near (capitulation) at the moment and you are getting close to the bottom. Technology stocks are driven on the expectation and we're in a period now where expectations are being lowered. What you'll have happen is stocks will react to the fact that expectations are too low."
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"There is a lack of buyer conviction. The whole dynamic of the Nasdaq rise and correction is, in a broader sense, an inflection point. But investors just view it as weakness."
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"I think it's more a result of a fear of buyers being left behind."
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"The reality is setting in on the AOL/Time Warner deal."
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"Keep in mind most people are now working into the next quarter. The window dressing that has been powering the market may be gone."
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"You're getting money flowing back into some of these big stocks and the tone is good. What's powering it is optimism that at some point and time, we're going to get this final turn in earnings -- it's buying with the thought that you don't fight the Fed."
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"I'm of the view that the Nasdaq really goes into a consolidation, and historically, for technology, it really performs fairly poorly in the April-to-June time frame. So my view is that Nasdaq, on the whole, pretty much always goes into a consolidation pattern, not much upside from the current level."
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"I'm looking for technology to bottom here."
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"What this does is it keeps buyers away. It's a lack of buyers. And they would prefer some certainty."
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"There is an underlying bullish tone. We continue to see the action on the downside, in terms of force, to be not as great as what it's been on the upside. (The reports) didn't really change anything."
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"Good earning growth. Next year, their earnings will be about $1.90 (per share). That's just 10 times this year's current stock price."
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"The Nasdaq is simply crowding out the rest of the market. If you are a portfolio manager, you have to own some of these (technology) names."
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