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55 Ari Fleischer quotes:

"The Department of Defense will be unable to meet the last two military pay dates in September, breaking our commitment to the men in women in uniform, unless action is taken."
"The president was never in any danger."
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"We're very encouraged by the direction of the bankruptcy legislation. However, we continue to work with leaders on the Hill. The president is looking forward to the presentation of the bill that he can sign."
"The president has faith in the plan, accepts the plan. The plan is working, and that's the president's approach, ... Undoubtedly, you're going to have others who are going to chime in, but that doesn't change how the president approaches it."
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"The president will stand strong on principle, fighting for his right and the right of all future presidents to receive advice without it being turned into a virtual news release."
"The president believes the legislation, while far from perfect, will improve our current finance system,"
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"The working families of America will not be well-served by more fighting in Washington, yet Vice President Gore tonight offers more of the same old language of class warfare, partisanship and division."
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"A working-level group ... an interagency group, (is) reviewing a number of ideas, ... gone to the deputies level yet."
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"takes into account the views that we heard from our allies on the Security Council."
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"In other words, [some small businesses] would be taxed at the 39.6 percent rate or the 36 percent rate, and when the president talks about cutting tax rates for all Americans, one of the biggest beneficiaries would be small businesses who are taxed as if they are individuals."
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"The SPR is, by design, to be used for severe disruptions of the market. That is a type that has not occurred."
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"Across America every community is looking to pitch in, Hollywood included, and this White House is pleased"
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"because the situation in Iraq involves somebody who has used force in the past to attack and invade his neighbors."
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"Chavez supporters, on orders, fired on unarmed, peaceful demonstrators, ... Venezuelan military and police refused to fire ... and refused to support the government's role in human rights violations."
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"wait and see to be certain that [Taylor] does indeed go. That is a vital first step for peace to be maintained."
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"The president told Prime Minister-elect Sharon he looked forward to working with him, especially with regard to advancing peace and stability in the region,"
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"The president does believe that the path to peace does go through Chairman Arafat."
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"[Specificity can serve a larger purpose as well, indicating what voters might expect from a prospective Bush or Gore administration.] That way, ... if you get elected, you've got a mandate to govern."
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"So this is a wake-up call to the Congress not to spend tax dollars. Because if they spend and go back on a spending spree, the Congress risks tapping Social Security's money, and Congress should take no step that would put Social Security within reach."
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"Hopefully, Saddam Hussein will get the message that the world community, through the United Nations, has called on [him] to disarm. And as the president said, he will either disarm or the United States will lead a coalition to disarm him."

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