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33 Richard Blumenthal quotes:

"If Boston College accepts an invitation to defect, it can expect immediate action,"
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"This action is preposterous, false and unfounded, and an insult to law enforcement,"
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"Addressing those harms, has really been the purpose of our action all along and we moved substantially in ways that I think demonstrated that we had been flexible and open-minded and we will continue to be,"
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"Our intention is to proceed in the litigation, ... I believe this (federal) agreement reflects very good progress, but it may not be good enough to protect consumers against misuse of monopoly, or recurrence of violations of law."
"This agreement sends a clear message to Medicaid chiselers: Defraud the state and you will pay,"
"Civil unions performed in other states are entitled to full faith and credit in Connecticut, and cannot be repeated here. Out-of-state same-sex marriages have no legal force and effect here,"
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"Civil unions performed in other states are entitled to full faith and credit in Connecticut. ... Out-of-state same-sex marriages have no legal force and effect here,"
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"We're involved because these studies show a pattern and even a practice ? in fact a culture ? of inaccuracy in charging,"
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"This battle will be fought tenaciously and vigorously with every ounce of energy that we have,"
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"We're concerned about the extension of Microsoft's monopoly on certain products by using restraints on competition and tying and leveraging with respect to other products,"
"There are certain symbols and images that appeal more strongly to children and this regulation includes the most obvious among them, ... The state has wide discretion to regulate the sales of alcohol."
"This mindless rigidity harms our taxpayers, but most of all our children."
"If anything, these kinds of threats and posturing will only antagonize and embolden Congress, ... With or without the industry participating, this process will move forward."
"This lawsuit, the first of a series anticipated against insurance abuses, shows particular arrogance and avarice in victimizing the state and its taxpayers,"
"The district court unfortunately took an erroneously narrow view of its authority, and our hope is that the federal courts will hold these polluting plants accountable for the harm they do to our health and environment,"
"That's a revealing question because most Americans simply know very little about a complex, immensely important area of their lives, ... Many take for granted that there are no better prices or deals on insurance and one of the results of this investigation should be to rivet the average American's intention on this area of their lives so they can know [and] ask the kind of questions that a smart consumer does when he buys an automobile or toaster or other very common and important goods."
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"We think that as of right now, unless the federal government tells us otherwise, we can continue to do as we have done with our system, ... We believe that our regulation embodies a valid state policy that articulates our belief that school boards are in a better position to muster the facts and expertise in any contest with ordinary parents."
"The reason I love and admire the Bridgewater Land Trust so much is that they're providing a model for the whole state."
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"State regulators twice rejected the proposed Islander East pipeline because it poses a significant threat to water quality and critical marine resources in the Long Island Sound,"
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"We've made a lot of progress, but even if we're halfway there, some of the most difficult issues remain. I have a deep-seated sense of caution and skepticism, which the [tobacco] industry has well earned,"

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