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"They're great girls. They're very funny, they're very smart, they're fun to be with. They're very lively, as I think people can tell. And you know, they're very confident girls."
"We always get up about 5:30, and George gets up and goes in and gets the coffee and brings it to me, and that's been our ritual since we got married. And we read the newspapers in bed and drink coffee for about an hour probably, read our briefing papers."
"Those who fear freedom sometimes argue that it could lead to chaos -- but it does not, because freedom means more than every man for himself, ... Life in America shows that liberty, paired with law, is not to be feared."
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"I think it is one of the most beautiful Christmas trees I've ever seen."
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"You know George doesn't like to think of his childhood home as historic yet."
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"I said 'George, if you want to end world tyranny, you have to stay up later.' Nine o'clock and Mr. Excitement here is in bed, leaving me to watch 'Desperate Housewives' with Lynne Cheney. Ladies and gentlemen, I am a desperate housewife."
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"Absolutely. And I myself want to make sure that the intelligence that we share with our friends and allies is — or the intelligence we get from our allies — is good, solid intelligence...."
"Ladies and gentlemen, I am a desperate housewife."
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"Our horses aren't working as a team this morning,"
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"represent the worst of humankind."
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"Today, your hair is whitened, your steps have slowed ... The freedom that was born of your sacrifice has lifted millions of God's children across the Earth. This freedom is your monument to your fallen friends, your gift to their children and grandchildren, and your sacred bond with generations of patriots past and present who have worn the nation's uniform,"
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"Everyone supports stem-cell research and so did the president and there are embryonic lines for research. It's a very delicate balance between what we want to do for science and for research and what is ethically and morally right to do."
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"And I had to tell every one of them two things. One, I thanked them for their sacrifice, but also reminded them that we're laying the foundations for peace. And I truly believe we are. I would not put those kids out there if I didn't believe there's a better world ahead."
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"I came today to thank the troops and their families and their loved ones for the sacrifice,"
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"That victory continues to inspire liberty-loving people across the globe,"
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"One of the things I brought upstairs to the long hall that's upstairs in the living quarters is a beautiful French desk that Jackie Kennedy brought into the White House in 1962. And for the president's Treaty Room, which is the office upstairs in the residence, I brought in Grant's furniture, which George really likes."
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"The question we must answer now is how do we nurture the development of the next generation of women leaders in Africa and worldwide. The answer begins with education. ... Educated children grow up to be adults who have more opportunities to work, to support their families, and to fully participate in the life of their communities."

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