Senator Kerry Quotes

25 Senator Kerry quotes:

"I want to start by saying something nice about President Bush. Of all the presidents we've had with the last name of Bush, his economic plan ranks in the top two."
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"The hope is there. The sun is rising. Our best days are yet to come."
Author: Kerry Quotes Category: Future Quotes
"We can no longer allow Americas dependence on foreign oil to compromise our energy security. Instead, we must invest in inventing new ways to power our cars and our economy. Ill put my faith in American science and ingenuity any day before I depend on Saudi Arabia."
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"When you see Washington consistently turning a blind eye to suffering, dont sit back and apathetically blame indifference. The loudest voices may be delivering the worst messages today, but history shows that grass-roots energy has the power to change anything when that energy is focused toward justice"
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"It is time, as a matter of pride, as well as a matter of national security, for the United States of America to lead the world in the energy revolution, and not lag behind Japan or Germany"
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