Georg Hackl Quotes

5 Georg Hackl quotes:

"I'm too old to race further. I have exceeded the expiration date."
Author: Hackl Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"I'm very focused on the race. I have time after the race to think about what it means to be done."
Author: Hackl Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"It's a race sport and that's always dangerous. But we have strict regulations and only the better drivers are allowed to compete. But even they crash, and that's sad."
Author: Hackl Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"Only those who are behind in technology want that. But a lot of things that sound good in theory unfortunately don't work in the real world. Just look at Communism. Everyone's equal but no one works to get ahead."
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"I have the strength of a 10-year-old. If the track was 500 meters longer I might have a chance."
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