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11 Alice Fisher quotes:

"When individuals meet here in the shadow of our nation's capital to go prepare for violent action, we will take action."
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"Government officials and government action are not for sale. The Justice Department will aggressively investigate and prosecute these types of cases, which have a devastating impact on the public's trust of government."
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"There was a secret oral side agreement that the deal was risk free to AIG. Graham further stated in another context, quote: Our group will book the transaction as a deposit. How AIG books its transaction is between them, their accountants and God."
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"Providing persons with unknown backgrounds undetected entry into our country is a threat to national security."
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"The four executives arranged a complex scheme to cook the books at AIG. The scheme was designed to mislead analysts and the investing public."
"The American public loses when officials and lobbyists conspire to buy and sell influence in such a corrupt and brazen manner. By his admission in open court today, Mr. Rudy paints a picture of Washington which the American public and law enforcement will simply not tolerate."
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"Lawful lobbying does not include paying a public official a personal benefit with the understanding -- explicit or implicit -- that a certain official act will occur. That's not lobbying, that's a crime."
"Gang members in general are becoming more violent, more sophisticated in their organization and technology and are creating many more problems for our youngsters and our families."
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"His activities went far beyond lawful lobbying to the illegal practice of paying for official acts."
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"Those in law enforcement who would sell their badges to aid in the illegal shipment of narcotics to the United States need to know that we are aggressively investigating their activities,"
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"We're going to act quickly and aggressively to detect any kind of fraud and vigorously pursue it if we find it."

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