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35 Henri Bergson quotes:

"Our laughter is always the laughter of a group."
"It seems that laughter needs an echo."
"Wherever anything lives, there is, open somewhere, a register in which time is being inscribed."
"Instinct perfected is a faculty of using and even constructing organized instruments; intelligence perfected is the faculty of making and using unorganized instruments."
"Spirit borrows from matter the perceptions on which it feeds and restores them to matter in the form of movements which it has stamped with its own freedom."
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"In reality, the past is preserved by itself automatically."
"The major task of the twentieth century will be to explore the unconscious, to investigate the subsoil of the mind."
"And I also see how this body influences external images: it gives back movement to them."
"I cannot escape the objection that there is no state of mind, however simple, that does not change every moment."
"I see plainly how external images influence the image that I call my body: they transmit movement to it."
"In laughter we always find an unavowed intention to humiliate and consequently to correct our neighbour."
"The motive power of democracy is love."
"Genius is that which forces the inertia of humanity to learn."
"Homo sapiens, the only creature endowed with reason, is also the only creature to pin its existence on things unreasonable."
"The essential function of the universe, which is a machine for making gods"
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