Master Kwon Quotes

17 Master Kwon quotes:

"Relationships are like sparring; within the appropriate space, action and reaction naturally flow."
"We seek excellence, by constant trial and error."
Author: Kwon Quotes Category: Excellence Quotes
"Become a champion in life, By conquering the enemy within."
Author: Kwon Quotes Category: Champion Quotes
"One piece of log creates a small fire, adequate to warm you up, add just a few more pieces to blast an immense bonfire, large enough to warm up your entire circle of friends; needless to say that individuality counts but team work dynamites."
Author: Kwon Quotes Category: Fire Quotes
"In conflict, sometimes the best tactic is, to allow the force to pass by like a wind or, like the water running down the river."
Author: Kwon Quotes Category: Conflict Quotes
"When you intentionally cross the red light, then you will consciously deal with the consequences."
Author: Kwon Quotes Category: Consequences Quotes
"Rituals involving strenuous and/or repetitive physical movements are meant to free the mind of all frivolous thoughts and divert the focus to the point of one-mindedness or absolute concentration."
Author: Kwon Quotes Category: Concentration Quotes
"In the process of trial and error, Our failed attempts are meant to destroy arrogance and provoke humility."
"In the circle of life, Respect and gratitude are due by juniors to seniors and vice-versa at any given level; for the juniors to get inspired by the seniors, for the seniors to get reminded of their accomplishments."
Author: Kwon Quotes Category: Gratitude Quotes Juniors Quotes
"Relationships flourish, when individuality,freedom and growth are respected."
"The essence of life is seeked through polarities such as , health and illness, happiness and suffering, wealth and poverty and so on."
Author: Kwon Quotes Category: Happiness Quotes
"What is the difference between knowledge and wisdom? Knowledge is gained by gathering data, whereas, Wisdom is earned by going through actual life experiences."
Author: Kwon Quotes Category: Wisdom Quotes
"Seek a sanctuary, Respect it, as it is holy, Walk into it with a bare mind, bare feet and plain clothing, Nurture your body, mind and spirit through a healing ritual, Leave it with a pure heart until you find your way to it again."
Author: Kwon Quotes Category: Mind Quotes
"The key to a good life is to keep it simple, yet creating simplicity is such a complex issue."
Author: Kwon Quotes Category: Simplicity Quotes
"The key to a good life is simplicity,yet creating simplicity is so complex."
Author: Kwon Quotes Category: Simplicity Quotes
"Be mindful of every little pleasure in life, By living everyday like its your last day."
Author: Kwon Quotes Category: Pleasure Quotes
"Include a few moments of quite time into your daily schedule; Breath deeply, evaluate your thoughts, delete the negative ones and reset your mind to a positive perspective by counting your blessings and overflowing opportunities."
Author: Kwon Quotes Category: Perspective Quotes

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