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Mary Adams Quotes

7 Mary Adams quotes:

"This is something we knew was going to be ultimately decided by the Law Court. We're prepared to do that."
Author: Adams Quotes Category: Law Quotes
"We are the wronged party in this action, and on behalf of the 50,000 people who signed these petitions, we need an answer."
Author: Adams Quotes Category: Action Quotes
"This is consistent with the psyche of Maine. We all feel so overwhelmed by these government entities and in the process we?re so awful small. This gives us a chance."
Author: Adams Quotes Category: Government Quotes
"I cannot say enough what a joy it is to work with her. Everyone loves her. The kids love her, staff loves her and the parents love her, Everyone now knows what we've known all along."
Author: Adams Quotes Category: Joy Quotes
"We're awful glad that the taxpayers and the voters will have an opportunity to vote on this. I think they'll grab it just like a drowning man would grab a flotation ring."
Author: Adams Quotes Category: Opportunity Quotes
"We're in the middle of a tax revolution, and this is evidence of that."
Author: Adams Quotes Category: Revolution Quotes
"In essence, it will put the taxpayer in control of future tax increases."
Author: Adams Quotes Category: Control Quotes

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