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"Obviously, there are a number of courses of action that we'll take, ... but there will not be a security vacuum in that area at any time."
Author: Kimmitt Quotes Category: Action Quotes
"Here, I'd like to use a popular Hollywood expression: that cameras often lie."
Author: Kimmitt Quotes Category: Expression Quotes
"Our patience is not eternal, and if we don't start seeing some results of these discussions, some good-faith efforts on the part of the enemy, we are prepared to end the suspension of offensive operations and resume them,"
Author: Kimmitt Quotes Category: Faith Quotes
"We still have some tough fighting ahead of us, ... It is not completely calm throughout this country."
Author: Kimmitt Quotes Category: Country Quotes
"My army has been embarrassed by this. My army has been shamed by this. And on behalf of my army, I apologize for what those soldiers did to your citizens. It was reprehensible, and it was unacceptable,"
"They realize they can't attack us and defeat us in a conventional sense. What they are trying to do is break our will. They are trying to capture the headlines. But these attacks -- with the exception of a seriously injured civilian -- have had frankly no tactical value and they're militarily insignificant,"
Author: Kimmitt Quotes Category: Defeat Quotes
"This is an enemy that cannot defeat us militarily, and in engagement after engagement we see the enemy breaking off, running away,"
Author: Kimmitt Quotes Category: Defeat Quotes
"We just don't have enough information at this point to either assess blame, innocence or fault,"
"we deeply regret the incident."
Author: Kimmitt Quotes Category: Regret Quotes
"Going against soft targets is probably an easier way to achieve what the enemy is trying to achieve. He's attempting to intimidate the people of Iraq, and he's attempting to try to break the will of the coalition, ... He will be unsuccessful in both."
Author: Kimmitt Quotes Category: Trying Quotes
"it wouldn't end the violence."
Author: Kimmitt Quotes Category: Violence Quotes
"We feel that that was an indicator that this was a high risk meeting of high-level anti-coalition forces,"
Author: Kimmitt Quotes Category: Risk Quotes
"There is no evidence to support that, and the coalition forces have been asked that specific question, and all deny taking any activities against some of the artifacts inside the mosque,"
Author: Kimmitt Quotes Category: Support Quotes
"If you wanted absolute security yesterday, you could have assured that and guaranteed that by canceling the festivities, ... We will not allow the terrorists to win. We will not be cowed."
Author: Kimmitt Quotes Category: Security Quotes

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