Rick Hutcheon Quotes

5 Rick Hutcheon quotes:

"Concentration on economic numbers and data is going to be intense for the next little while."
"Now you've got the herd mentality rushing to the fore. This whole thing is nothing more than a reality check: it's a warning shot across the bow of the tech sector. The day traders and the tech-heavy investors, I think, are a little scared right now."
Author: Hutcheon Quotes Category: Reality Quotes
"The valuation gap that existed between the technology sector stocks and the basic economy cyclical stocks was stretched beyond belief."
Author: Hutcheon Quotes Category: Belief Quotes
"My guess is the action of the Fed was pretty much discounted by the market already."
Author: Hutcheon Quotes Category: Action Quotes
"People had themselves worked into state of expectation that the Fed was going you go 75 basis points and maybe even 100 and the fact that they only went 50 points (one-half percentage point) has obviously not been well received."

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