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9 Manuel Pellegrini quotes:

"This isn't a miracle or a dream. It's based on hard work and belief."
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"We were a bit rushed and we didn't gain control of the ball. Arsenal pressed hard and when by losing the ball we lost the offensive capacity we needed to get a goal."
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"Of course it's important to go down in the history, but we are already thinking about how we can get to the semi-finals. There is no limit to the ambitions of this team. Our dreams are being held in place by the hard work and dedication of the whole squad."
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"We didn't play well, but the referee made mistakes all game long. When he blew the end of the game when we had a chance for an attack, he demonstrated his lack of impartiality."
"He's full of desire. Besides, his soccer depends more on technique than physique."
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"I think the referee constantly made mistakes, he didn't notice when our players were pulled as well as several fouls."
"Physically he's not 100 percent because he's been out of action for 15 days. But he's really keen to play and his game is based more on technique than fitness."
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"If that allows them to believe they have a big advantage, it must be remembered that Inter haven't won anything since 1989."
"We are still in contention and I believe we can go back home and get the result we need."
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