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Rich Harris Quotes

7 Rich Harris quotes:

"It's a collaborative process. I work with the governor very closely. She provides ideas, from time to time she actually dictates material. Her communication is very genuine."
Author: Harris Quotes Category: Ideas Quotes
"The governor took the action she felt was appropriate based on the violation of her own policy and has said on numerous occasions that if any further action is warranted, she'll take it once the investigations are completed."
Author: Harris Quotes Category: Action Quotes
"Gov. Rell is dead serious when she said job creation and job retention has been at the top of her priority list since she took office. And the 28,000 jobs that the state has added in the last two years reflects that attention and effort."
Author: Harris Quotes Category: Creation Quotes
"The governor has never rejected an idea based on who it came from. She is always open to ideas."
Author: Harris Quotes Category: Ideas Quotes
"While it's still a commanding lead, there's no question the race is going to narrow, and we certainly expect the race to narrow. Nonetheless, the changes in the percentages are still within the margin of error."
Author: Harris Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"Governor Rell certainly admires the work that Jim Lash has done in Greenwich. His reputation would put him on any kind of list of potential candidates. But any decision is still a ways off. The governor is going to be considering many candidates for the position."
Author: Harris Quotes Category: Reputation Quotes
"This is a candidate who has been complaining for the better part of two years that Connecticut's jobs and economic development climate isn't everything it ought to be. Now he's proposing $350 million in new taxes on employers to pay for universal health care."

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