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40 Mark Johnson quotes:

"The action taken by her former chief of staff was done without her knowledge, approval or consent."
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"We thought it would be good to start off with a little bit of action, and secondly, tell a young audience what was going on in England and how disempowered these kids were."
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"There's no doubt our kicking game has to get better, ... It's not from lack of working on it."
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"With so much traffic coming through Jacksonville, this is something we without a doubt want to keep ahead of the curve and up to date on."
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"It was just an amazing experience. To be able to win against the greatest players in the world, in front of all my family and friends, was just really special. I will never forget it."
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"People want more flavor these days and they are looking for a unique experience. So there is a friendly battle between all the states on who makes the best cheese-of course I think we do."
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"The game, and winning the game, was outstanding. But when these kids look back on the experience and the opportunity they had (Saturday) night and the atmosphere that was created, I think they'll remember that for a long, long time."
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"They've seen tremendous growth in the economy but not much in terms of being able to filter that down to the poor."
"The board believes there is likely to be greater long-term value for shareholders by separating AGL into an energy business and an infrastructure business,"
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"Each company will be able to adopt a capital structure and dividend policy that suits its business and strategic objectives and make acquisitions of appropriately valued assets."
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Business Quotes
"The government isn't the end-all for protecting your family,"
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Family Quotes
"He not only made me a better player, he made me a better coach."
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Coach Quotes
"The needs of the semiconductor design community are changing and we are charged with providing engineers who can meet those needs. Next generation tools like Nascim play a critical role in our ability to prepare our students to address the challenges of new semiconductor technologies."
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"I noticed, a long time ago, you can engage kids a lot more with a screen. We started using computers in the classroom around 1980, but this class really started when we came to this building about 11 years ago. It was an experiment, and I have been teaching this class (advanced communications) ever since."
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"I was going to work for a big corporate defense firm, while Laura was taking a human-rights law fellowship."
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Defense Quotes
"At that point, I liked Laura, but I hadn't really thought about dating her until she brought up all the reasons we couldn't. I'm a litigator. I wanted to knock these five arguments down."
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Dating Quotes
"The beauty of what we wanted to impart here was how much a labor of love it was."
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Beauty Quotes Labor Of Love Quotes
"I think everyone was comfortable with our choice. You can put all three in a hat and pull out one of them and feel comfortable."
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Choice Quotes
"They're a solid football team to play someone our size, ... They've got a lot more talent than we have."
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Football Quotes
"I hope it means a lot to the team. It's the first time in the history of our program that we've won a championship. It's a credit to our players and a credit to the players that have been here in the past. ... It's a nice piece of hardware to have, but the prize at the end of the journey is bigger than that."
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