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"Obviously, we came off a bit of a shocker and gave up some goals that we are not necessarily happy with. We're looking to correct that as well. People are going to score. Just make them the greatest goals you've ever seen."
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"I was a little more nervous to be honest just because that was my first action stopping and going. There is a new drug called adrenaline that comes when you play and that adrenaline really helped me not feel any pain and get out there and go."
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"It all kind of started when I was back in college. When you walk on, you have to persevere. Thing are not going to be just handed to you. That's what has made me a stronger player and a stronger person today because I've had to go through that adversity. When a setback does happen or a bad game happens or a bad pass happens, I still am confident that I can work through it and get to where I want to go."
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"It's just a learning curve and once I get adjusted to it, I just kind of start to grow within that. Each step, I've been kind of doing the same thing."
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